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Personality is a trait that makes name and sometimes respectful nicknames for a person. Branding and personal branding are modern day innovative expressions of quality and worth of a famous person.

Many a companies, specially big corporate houses created their identity for quality and classic elegance in their products. Their names reinged as brand ambassadors in one or more niches on the horizon of commerce and Industry.

Barry Fieldman’s book “The Road to Recognition” is one of it’s kind. It emphasizes and explores ways on personal branding. He elaborates the need to distinguish between personal and professional branding and to treat both as valuable as any other trait in promoting personality.

The book elaborates the facts and successfully proves whether you are an artist, creative writer or Blogger in a niche; you need to learn the tips and tricks to get recognized rather get famous in your niche to be successful in Digital World and in any other Market place.

Branding as I said was associated with products but lately it has been penetrating in to ever expanding Internet marketing as well. And with Macro analysis being enforced in every walk of business activity, the sub divisions like personal branding and professional branding are to be distinguished as separate entity. And how Blogging works with personal branding come to be seen as essential as all other facts. The book “Road to recognition” by Barry Fieldman,an Ex- Creative Director, Blogger and author of repute, is a must read for all professionals and entrepreneurs as it provides A-Z guidelines for personal branding.

“Personal branding is really your road to recognition”, says Matthew Kaboomis Loomis, a creative writer and renowned Blogger and author of “Blog chronicles.”

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